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Jiaxing Gaozheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Gaozheng New Material) is a national high-tech enterprise founded by the leaders of the "National Ten Thousand Talents Program". The company was established in August 2013 and is headquartered in Xincang Town, Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province . The company focuses on the research and development, production and sales of polymer functional materials. Products include special polymer modified materials, PVDF films for photovoltaic backplanes, weather-resistant facing materials for building decoration, fluorocarbon coated metal sheets, and road traffic indicator reflective films , Environmental protection industrial water-based coatings and fully degradable packaging materials, etc. In the photovoltaic field, Gaozheng New Materials is a pioneer in the PVDF cast film industry. It has completely replaced imported products and realized the localization of fluorine film; Gaozheng New Materials is also a fluorocarbon coated metal sheet for architectural decoration, photovoltaic backplane PVDF unit, POE , EVA film unit industry or group standard maker.

The company upholds the value of "high requirements, positive energy" and is committed to creating more new materials to make people's lives more comfortable. The company continues to make progress, determined to become a world-renowned polymer material innovation enterprise. The company has four production bases in Jiaxing, Shanghai, Hubei Chibi and Anhui Mingguang, with more than 200 employees. The company attaches great importance to the innovation of new products and the coordinated development of excellent talents. The current R&D team has 5 doctors and 3 masters, including 1 leading talent in the "National Ten Thousand Talents Program", 2 in the "Zhejiang Thousand Talents Program", 2 leading talents in entrepreneurship and innovation in Jiaxing City. The company has established an "Academician Workstation" with 2 cooperative academicians; and a "Zhejiang Postdoctoral Workstation" with 1 postdoctoral fellow. The company's R&D team was selected as the "Leading Entrepreneurship and Innovation Team in Zhejiang Province" in 2019, and in 2020 the company was selected as the "Top Ten Enterprises of China Light Industry Plastics Association"; in 2020, it was awarded the "Pinghu Mayor Quality Award".


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Gaozheng New Materials focuses on the R&D and technological innovation of anti-corrosion materials, and is a domestic high-end PVDF film manufacturer.

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